WWE Superstars deserving of a push

WWE may be the most established and renowned professional wrestling company but Vince McMahon’s organisation is infamous for wasting talent and not giving out deserved chances within his business. As within recent months many accomplished superstars have decided not to renew their contracts, due to WWE failing to treat their rightful needs.  Therefore, this list presents a number of superstars that if not giving an opportunity soon, may start to seek freedom from the pro wrestling giant.

10. Dolph Ziggler

Even though, many wrestling critics would argue that Ziggler has had a successful 10 year run with WWE, being a 4 time intercontinental champion, 1 time united-states champion, 1 time money in the bank contract holder and headlining many WWE pay-per views such as Survivor Series 2014 being a part of Team Cena. Many wrestling fans forget the fact that Dolph is a 2 time world heavyweight champion. The main reason for this being his first reign as world champion didn’t even last 1 day and his second barely lasting over a month. Proving that Mr McMahon must have never trusted Ziggler has his companies world champion. However, it is hard as to understand why as Ziggler has brilliant charisma, a great in-ring appearance and vastly improved mic and promo skills. Not forgetting that the Showoff is one of the most impressive in-ring performers on the current roster, as he has the capability to sell any maneuver and make it look spectacular.  Evidently, after a 10 year tenure of being on the fringe of WWE’s main events it should definitely be the right time for Ziggler to be pushed into the world championship scene. Especially, due to WWE reinventing the brand split as Dolph is definitely one star which would excel as Smackdowns top superstar.

9. Neville

Neville, formerly known as ‘Adrian Neville’ is one of WWE’s most exiting young talents which given the correct story lines could succeed into one of the industries best. Being the only past or present NXT superstar to win the NXT tag team championships and NXT championship, he already holds that impressive record within relatively short career. By also, winning championships all across the world in his independent circuit before joining the WWE, such as the Open the Gate United Championship and wXw lightweight championship. Subsequently, with the CWC Classic tournament currently taking place, Neville’s technical and high-flying ability will make him an influential figure when pushing the cruiser weight division, and making them main event superstars. Moreover, closing in of nearly 40 years of the WWE and their still hasn’t been a British world champion, so who would be better to give that honor than the extremely talented Neville.

8. The New Day

The New Day have by far been the greatest success for WWE in attempted to re-create their tag team division. Although, every fairy tale must come to an end as it appears that Kingston, Woods and Big E are going to head out on single ventures in the near future. Whilst, this may seem as a heartbreak to the tag team division. After almost 2 years of being such a charismatic and impressive in-ring tag team, all 3 members deserve runs as singles competitors and maybe a few championship runs. The Jamaican sensation Kofi Kingston isn’t shy when coming to singles championships being a 4 time intercontinental champion and 3 time united-states  champion showing he as a clear eye for gold. Whilst, Big E is also a former Intercontinental champion he has won other sporting gold such as becoming the USA Power-lifting champion back in 2009, giving him a  clear advantage as one of McMahon’s favorites. Leaving Xavier Woods the only member never winning singles gold whilst being signed to WWE. Although, Woods is full of passion and charisma showing he is destined to be a future champion. Furthermore, by always keeping the New Day stint in the back of WWE producers minds this may create some interesting rivalries in the future. As there is always the chance of seeing a New Day triple threat match for the world heavyweight championship.

7. Rusev

The Bulgarian Brute is a ready made champion making the united-states championship prolific on 2 different occasions. Holding the championship for over 240 days in his combined reigns, but only increasing in days as he is the current united-states champion. Although, Rusev is already highly booked within the WWE universe he is still yet to compete for the companies top prize. Rusev displays qualities within the ring which no other superstar possess such as is athletic yet powerful style in the ring. Furthermore, with Lana by his side he has created a great character and it is evident he has put extra effort in to improve his mic and promo skills, making him one of the best heel superstars on Monday night RAW. Therefore, with a current lack of powerful heels within the whole company Rusev is in desperate need to be given that final push into the world championship picture, which would define hes already dominant career.

6. Cesaro

You only have to watch one of the Swiss superman’s matches to realize how much of a wasted talent he is. Within his nearly 5 year run with WWE he only has 1 united states championship run, a world tag team champions with Tyson Kid and the ‘world renowned’ Andre the Giant memorial trophy. He may not be the best on the mic but in the ring Cesaro is one of industries best with his powerful and technical style. Being well-known for winning world championships in other wrestling promotions such as ‘Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’ and ‘Ring of Honor’. Cesaro has always been under looked by Vince McMahon as if he was to give the under-rated superstar a push for the world championship, he would soon be seen as the ‘face’ of the company.

5. Bray Wyatt

The Eater of Worlds is one of the most misleading superstars on the current roster as his appearance and gimmick does not match his athletic in-ring style. After the failure of his previous character ‘Husky Harris’ the son of WWE veteran I.R.S changed his full gimmick to an evil cult leader known as ‘Bray Wyatt. Although received great success from critics and supporters is yet to win any championship gold. Closing on nearly 4 years as Bray Wyatt, he has seen off many rivals such as Dean Ambrose and John Cena but it yet to receive that final push to the championship. Additionally, with the brand split fully in action the new face of fear provides Smack down with a top heel to work with. However, if he isn’t given a deserved world title shot soon, he may look for championship gold elsewhere.

4. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens goes against the stereotypical WWE wrestler in every aspect of his character, an unusual talent which you would have never guessed Vince McMahon would ever give a chance, from appearance alone. The former 2 time Intercontinental champion proved how good his in-ring talent is when wrestling top superstars such as Sami Zayn and Neville in NXT, WWE’s developmental territory. Additionally, being recognized as one of the industries best during his time on the independent circuit as he is known for winning many major titles such as the ROH world championship. By being one of the most unique and diverse wrestlers on the current roster he offers Monday night RAW something the fans have never seen before as his mic and promo skills back up his incredible and versatile in-ring move set. Therefore giving the prize fighter a world championship push may seem risky but in fact WWE would be risking loosing one of the industries best by not offering him a deserved world title shot.

3. Finn Balor

Finn Balor is recognized world wide for his charisma and in-ring talent from dominating the independent scene by winning a combined 5 world championships, then finally settling down in Japan where he became an icon to the Japanese supporters. The former leader of the Bullet Club took WWE by storm back in 2014 when he joined WWE’s development territory NXT winning the NXT championship on 1 occasion and becoming the NXT superstar of the year after just one year with the promotion. It is easily noticeable how hard Balor has worked to get where he is today in the world of wrestling, which is one of the many reasons behind why the demon king deserves to reach the top of the hierarchy in the WWE. After being promoted from NXT to Monday night RAW as the fifth overall pick in the 2016 WWE draft, it is indisputable that Finn will become one of the main faces on RAW and the companies world champion respectively.

2. Shinsuke Nakamura

For those fans who take an interest in wrestling companies outside of WWE will know who Shinsuke Nakamura is. As even though he has only been signed with WWE for around 6 months, time cannot be wasted with Nakamura as if he isn’t made a huge star from the beginning of his WWE career, other promotions will battle to make him their top superstar.  Nakamura is seen as a legend of wrestling over in Japan being the youngest ever IWGP heavyweight champion at the age of 23, not to forget his 5 reigns as IWGP intercontinental champion. Known as the ‘King of Strong Style’ he carried New Japan Pro Wrestling for years as their main event superstar but luckily he gave up his crown to join wrestling’s mammoth. Still in WWE’s developmental territory NXT, Nakamura has every attribute needed to be a WWE success story. Whether in time he gets called up to RAW or Smack down, if given the correct opportunity we are guaranteed to witness some of the greatest matches of all time with wrestlers such as John Cena and Seth Rollins. Therefore, by making Nakamura a future world champion will only shower rewards for McMahon’s promotion as not only does Nakamura show huge amounts of passion for the business but the WWE universe are already showing enormous amounts of respect for Shinsuke.

1. Aj Styles

No wrestling fan ever thought we would see Aj Styles in a WWE ring. After a short stint in 2002 with WWE the phenomenal one declined a new deal with WWE which eventually lead to his over 10 year tenure with TNA. Over his illustrious career Mr TNA has won over 40 wrestling championships located at the 18 different wrestling promotions he’s worked for, with his 2 TNA heavyweight championships and 6 TNA X Division championships being particularly impressive. At the age of 39, WWE championships are pretty much the only accomplishments within wrestling Styles hasn’t won in his astonishing career. Therefore, this ready made champion has everything it takes to be a WWE instant success. All WWE need to do is give him the correct push and he will certainly become and WWE world champion that will go down in history, but if WWE don’t make a decisive move quick enough without a shadow of a doubt the phenomenal one will put pen to paper with another aj-styles-1-1-620x350organisation.


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